“HANA Dev. Center” allows you to work on projects in a ready environment, anytime, anywhere

In sap-related solution building projects based on ABAP, such as Core ERP (ERP),
By maintaining program uniformity based on standardized development templates and systematizing project remote support, the experience and knowledge of the center’s various professional personnel is quickly reflected in the development, helping to reduce costs and improve development efficiency over traditional on-site development methods.


As sap education reseller, we train global software workers in cooperation with universities in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

We have developed a software human resources training program in conjunction with SAP to prepare for rapidly changing IT environment changes, and in particular, to train people who are working-level in line with the trend of the 4th Industrial Revolution through cooperation with universities. In the future, we plan to establish training centers for domestic and international bases and train global software talent.


Enhance your business with solutions and consulting programs to support the right digital transformation of companies during the 4th Industrial Revolution

Digital Transformation, a company that is at the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, supports digital transformation by using the Digital Transformers program of the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. We provide smart factories and ECO SYSTEM for manufacturing forms of customers by industry by combining ICT technologies such as IoT, BIG DATA, facility management, and MES.


We explore the core of various corporate transactions and strive to include their forms and procedures on the platform.

This platform service is an intermediary service that handles total inter-business transactions (B2B) as an easier and more consistent process, enabling use by small and medium-sized enterprises that are difficult to organize general affairs organizations such as purchasing and personnel. By delivering your procurement needs directly to companies wishing to supply them through the processing engine (PoE) implemented on the platform, you can achieve a more appropriate transaction.


MS Azure Management Partner Business

CY operates a partner business to maximize MS Azure’s Cloud originality in the B2B sector and pioneer a variety of strategic businesses. S/4 HANA & SAP HANA Transformation on MS Azure, SAP New Install & Migration Project Management (CY Dboard) System and poc program for various customers


Saas-based Business All in One Solution “Business Now”

SaaS Platform was created to provide insight into the management of the company and to realize the digital transformation of business. In addition to CY’s software, solutions from competent companies are available in software as a service form.  Digital transformation through Business Now enables digitization in the fourth industrial revolution.

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