The Age of Cloud
Join us on Cloud journey, from consulting to operation

Prepare for digital innovation in the Age of Cloud through our full service that encompasses consulting, transition, and operation.


Step 1. Architecting

CY analyzes the four domains of the client’s architecture (optimal cost, stability, performance, and security) and provides the best practices and guidelines. The CY’s cloud dedicated team assists clients in reinventing their infrastructure.
(Business Requirements Analysis / Establish Cloud Implementation Plan / Design and Verify Cloud Architecture



Step 2. Migration Consulting

We execute projects by taking a systematic approach from the
strategy for cloud migration to planning, embodiment, and
verification, minimizing technical and time risks.
We control projects by utilizing CY’s Know-How accumulated
through migration consulting experiences to accomplish efficient, effective migration.
(Examine infrastructure status / Implement and Analyze PoC /
Database and Storage Migration
/ Application
Migration / Service Optimization)



Step 3. Cloud Managed Service

The Corporate IT Infrastructure undergoes changes caused by various factors,
such as business process and structure changes, and business expansion/downsizing.
Therefore, it is essential to monitor continuously the conditions of elements that
constitute infrastructures and resolve or prevent issues.
CY has a stable, managed service for clients based on a dedicated team consists of
cloud experts and an operational solution.
(Cloud Infrastructures Monitoring / Solving cloud system issues /
Solving customer issues / Provide periodic operational reporting)


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