SAP on Cloud

We operate a business partnership to maximize the originality of Cloud in
B2B environment and discover a variety of strategic businesses.

SAP on Cloud

WHY CY for SAP on Cloud

When implementing Cloud linked to SAP, CY is capable of collaborating with partners.
As a Global Major Cloud partner and as a SAP tech leader in Korea,
CY provides high-quality, one-stop service in all areas.

SAP on Cloud

SAP on Azure, with CY.

We develop Cloud management solutions to monitor Cloud in real time, manage SLA, and provide the payment status.
A preemptive testing and demonstration environment are created so that the latest SAP S4 HANA version can be used in the Cloud environment.
Especially, CY leads SAP on the Cloud market in Korea with SAP on Microsoft Azure technologies.


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SAP on Cloud

Major Features of SAP on Cloud

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